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    Snapshot of the sources

A snapshot of the latest sources is maintained at . See installing from sources.

    Subversion access to the sources

The source code of Psyco is hosted in a Subversion repository at .

It is recommended to install from Subversion instead of using the latest official release: the Subversion repository evolves very slowly and is completely stable. Minor bug fixes don't go into a new official release. See installing from sources.

    Current version is 1.6

You can download Release 1.6. But if you can, it is recommended to install from source: see the documentation for how to install from precompiled binaries or from sources.

Be sure to check the requirements.

    Other tools

Windows users who want to explore the generated machine code need objdump.exe which itself needs cygwin1.dll. Both are GPL software distributed (with source) in Red Hat's Cygwin. They should be put in the Psyco subdirectory py-utils\win32.

The required tool, objdump, is generally preinstalled on Linux distributions.

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