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Current status: Psyco is already quite usable, and I consider is as stable.

    The Ultimate Psyco Guide

Documentation for Psyco release 1.6:

You can also get it by downloading all the pages of this site: psyco-site.tar.gz or

    How does it work?
  • Animated slides from the Python UK conference at ACCU 2004. To see them, you will need to install Pygame.

  • A more theoretical paper for the PEPM'04 conference at ACM SIGPLAN 2004 can be downloaded in compressed Postscript format: [A4] or [Letter]).

    IRC channel

I will be lurking around the channel #psyco on if you have any question for me or want to chat with other Psyco users.

    Technical documentation
  • Representation-based Just-in-time Specialization and the Psyco prototype for Python. Download as compressed Postscript or PDF.

There are two older technical documents which may be of interest:

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