3.2.2 Limiting memory usage

Psyco can and will use large amounts of memory. To give you more control, the effect of the various ``profilers'' selected by the functions full, profile and background can be limited.

Here are the corresponding optional keyword arguments.

Stop when the profiler has caused the given amount of memory to be consumed in code compilation (in kilobytes).

Note that the value is very approximative because it only takes some of the data structures of Psyco in account. The actual amount of memory consumed by Psyco will be much larger than that.

Only run the profiler for the given amount of seconds.

Stop when the memory consumed by Psyco reached the limit (in kilobytes). This limit includes the memory consumed before this profiler started.

Stop after the given number of seconds has elapsed, counting from now.

The difference with time is only apparent when the profiler does not actually start immediately, if it is queued as explained in the next section.